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The Team-Building Benefits of Professional Language Training Lessons

The Team-Building Benefits of Professional Language Training Lessons

Here at POINT3, we offer corporate language training solutions for the business world. If your team is looking to implement a second language in the workplace, we can cater to your specific needs and help your employees from the very beginning.

Our approach at POINT3 has been developed over our 25 years in providing language education, and prioritizes a team-building effect that helps with personal development as well as growth as a group. When your team begins language training with POINT3, they will receive the individualized attention they need to succeed while gaining valuable experience from working together in a group. Continue reading to discover how our language courses can help build up your team’s confidence and success. 

A Communicative Approach to Professional Language Training

POINT3's communicative approach is at the heart of our professional language training, and language learning is achieved as the result of three important elements. The first element, meaningful input, helps participants gain exposure to important input from their instructors and their peers, creating an open format for learning. The second element focuses on structural concepts that help participants understand the components of language that facilitate putting concepts into practice. Finally, participants improve from the element of practice, where they put their skills to the test in real-life situations. These components, worked on together in small group settings, help participants grow closer to one another as a team as they reach their collective goals. 

Professional language training helps teams bond as they undergo the process of acquiring new business language skills

Feedback Fosters Supportive Growth 

Corporate clients at POINT3 can participate in closed-group lessons as well as private lessons, allowing employees to improve their business communication skills in a professional and productive learning environment. POINT3’s language courses for professionals teach individuals how to assist one another in their learning process by giving and receiving helpful feedback.

Working together in this way, a supportive, like-minded team is born. POINT3 does the heavy lifting when it comes to administrative guidance and scheduling, allowing corporate teams to follow the lead of our language professionals. We arrange evaluations with individual employees, conduct group placements, organize schedules, and send reports to HR throughout the session with mid-term and end of session satisfaction survey results, attendance, and final grades. This lets your team focus on what’s important—developing their language skills. 

During language courses at POINT3, teams learn how to better work together by providing and receiving helpful feedback

Team Bonding Facilitates Faster Results

Going through this process, as noted above, helps participants come together as they work toward the common goal of acquiring language skills for improved business communication. In this way, participants experience motivation as a team and feed off one another.

In groups no larger than six individuals, participants really get to know one another, gain confidence in their skills, and can rely on support from one another. This supportive environment with a team bonding effect facilitates faster results. Putting concepts into practice together helps break down barriers and fosters collective growth and understanding, all while improving language skills.

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