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How Modular Business Language Courses in Montreal Enhance Your Learning Experience

How Modular Business Language Courses in Montreal Enhance Your Learning Experience

Improving your language skills can benefit not only your career prospects, but also your work performance. If you’re interested in developing professionally in Canada, becoming confident in communicating in both English and French will be an important part of your success. While some working professionals attempt to learn a language on their own, this can be both frustrating and inefficient. It might be hard to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, or determine which skills are useful for your specific work environment. At POINT3 Language Center, our courses are designed to meet learners at their level of expertise, with tasks and content that matches their specific needs. Our modular language courses equip participants with practical language skills, translating to success in business and beyond. If you’re wondering whether language training is right for you, discover some of the main benefits of a modular approach to learning below.

At Our Online Business Language School, Build Skills in Different Areas of Business

In your current place of work, there may be certain tasks you have difficulty completing, or certain situations in which you feel that your language skills are restricting you from participating or achieving more. With the modular delivery of courses at POINT3’s online business language school, each lesson is based on a specific topic of interest related to communication in business. This thematic content might include tasks such as leading a meeting, sharing information, introducing yourself to colleagues or clients, preparing a presentation, sending an email or more. Throughout each session, you’ll build targeted skills, enabling you to easily apply them in the workplace upon mastering them. What’s more, you’ll become better at business communication in a short amount of time, translating to success in your career.

At our online business language school, modular courses allow you to build specific business language skills

What You Learn Is Customized to Suit Your Needs

At POINT3 Language Center, we understand that each learner’s needs are different, depending on the environment in which they work, their role, their prior level of expertise and their background. Thus, it’s important that the language training you receive during your business language courses in Montreal is accommodating of these needs. As a component of our modular language courses, POINT3 works with learners closely in order to determine their skill level and what they’d like to accomplish with language classes. This allows us to develop a customized plan that helps participants reach their goals. Whether you’d like to become better at business writing, sound more confident when interacting with your colleagues or complete another task, you’ll benefit from a personalized learning experience.

Modular courses can be customized to meet your language learning goals

Gain Confidence Through Guided Practice and Activities

Often, attempting to memorize new vocabulary or grammar rules isn’t as effective when it comes to learning a new language. In most cases, applying what you’ve learned in practical exercises is the best way to become familiar with new content. At POINT3 Language Centre, a language challenge consisting of listening activities, articles, dialogue or various practical situations is used to introduce and explore new concepts. Learners are guided and supported by their instructor, enabling them to gain a meaningful understanding of the content that they can apply in their workplace. Not only does this style of learning boost the confidence of participants, but it ensures that they’ll retain the information. 

Given the many benefits of a modular course format, you may want to consider this style of language training in order to improve your business language skills!

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