French Exam Preparation Courses

16 hrs TEF Preparation

TEF / TEFAQ oral comprehension and oral expression preparation

4 hours X 4 weeks

A2 / B1

TEFAQ CO Preparation

Oral Comprehension TEFAQ/ TEF Canada Preparation Course

10 hours X 1 week


24 hrs TEF Preparation

Semi intensive TEF Canada and TEFAQ Exam preparation

6 hours X 4 weeks


TEF Exam Workshop

TEF/TEFAQ exam techniques / preparation

2 Hours / Saturday


TEFAQ EO Preparation

Prepare for your TEFAQ or TEF Canada Expression Orale test.

10 hours X 1 week


Everyday French

Beginner French with elements of TEF Canada and TEFAQ.

4 hours X 8 weeks