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Want to Improve Your Spoken English? 4 Tips to Explore While You Learn English for Work

Want to Improve Your Spoken English? 4 Tips to Explore While You Learn English for Work

Mastering grammar and sentence structure is an important part of learning a new language, but nothing is more valuable than developing your speaking skills. If you’re looking to learn English for a professional context, you’ll need to understand how native speakers communicate in the real world. That means getting to know common idioms, phrases, and vocabulary that are used in specific situations. 

Enrolling in a professional English course is the best way to build and advance your language skills. But there are also some tips you can use outside of class to familiarize yourself with how English is spoken in the working world. Here’s how you can build your confidence in English communication to prepare for your next job.

Talk to Yourself 

A good way to test new phrases and vocabulary is to practice on your own. Take just 10 minutes a day to speak your thoughts out loud, talk about what you did that day, or respond to a set of questions. No one will hear you, so take this time to make mistakes, try out new language structures, and develop a list of common phrases to use. 

Building confidence on your own like this is a great way to improve your experience in an online English course. In classes, you’ll feel more comfortable speaking in front of your instructor or peers and get valuable feedback on your communication skills. 

Practice talking to yourself to build your confidence in speaking English

Learn Local Phrases from English Media

From podcasts to the news to TV shows, English media content is everywhere. This is where you will learn how native speakers really use the language. While it’s important to learn correct grammar and sentence structure, remember that people often have different ways of speaking in daily life. Some idioms and phrases even ignore the grammatical rules of the language. 

If you’re looking to learn English for work, you’ll find it particularly helpful to explore content around a specific industry or job. Whether you’re looking to work in business, tech, retail, service, or any other sector, you’ll be sure to find English media covering every area. 

Explore English media content to help you learn English for work

Prepare for Specific Situations 

Speaking English in a professional environment can be different from day-to-day conversation. Think about the kind of vocabulary you might use on the job, the kind of questions that might come up, and some common phrases you will use. If you’re preparing for a business context, you might want to practice speaking in a company meeting or presentation or giving a sales pitch. You’ll feel more comfortable in the workplace if you know what to expect and have the right phrases and vocabulary to communicate. 

Keep Notes on Your Mistakes in Online English School

At POINT3 Language Center, our experienced instructors prepare learners in different areas of English speaking, such as accent reduction, pronunciation, and industry-based language. Your instructors will also be there to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses in speaking English. As you learn, it’s a good practice to take notes of any areas of difficulty you have and common mistakes that you make. Maybe you keep pronouncing a word incorrectly or using the wrong grammar structure. Pay extra attention to those areas and dedicate more time to perfecting them. Then, when you’re ready to use your new language skills in the real world, you’ll know the key mistakes to avoid. 

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